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Growing Strong, Together

Bota-Nanny is a team of enthusiastic gardeners focusing on delivering raised garden beds and installing edible landscaping.  Together you and I can grow your family delicious and nutritious food in your outdoor living space.

We are so thrilled to grow and we want you to feel happy and comfortable growing in your space.  Yes, we are always here for you, but we are designed for you to not always need us. 

    With my Italian heritage, feeding others is a life calling. I've been working in Restaurants in all manners of roles since 2006. When restaurants closed all around us in March of 2020 and our state of the world became a series of questions, my fellow restaurateurs decided we needed to continue feeding people with safety as our utmost priority. Coupled with one decade as a veggie farmer, I decided to take the plunge into this gardening and service fusion; enter Bota-Nanny.

Paired with tips and tools, you'll feel confident in your garden. The idea is to build a foundation for self-reliance for you, for your loved ones, for your neighbors, for your community and for our humanity. It's no mystery that fresh food is more nutritious. We make it easy to incorporate nutrient dense foods into your meals. we recognize each family is unique and our menu caters to all eating styles. Dig in, we're rooting for you!

All yardscapes are different, contact us to customize your garden.